Roads to Truth

Roads to Truth is a 12-song album available for download.

Science normally conjures up an image of white-coated experts in sterile laboratories poring over the next theoretical insight or technological breakthrough. In fact, routes to scientific truths have been many, varied, and sometimes painfully human.

Roads to Truth


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Roads to Truth cover

Roads to Truth

Roads to Truth

Roads to Truth

  • Concept, lyrics John Bunyard
  • Composition Martin Woods, John Bunyard
  • Production, performance Martin Woods
  • Vocals John Bunyard

Roads to Truth backcover

Roads to Truth

  1. And For My Next Trick 04:47
  2. New Moons Rising 03:25
  3. No, No, Semmelweis 02:43
  4. What a joy 03:11
  5. See Those Bodies Move 03:51
  6. Truth That Takes Life Away 04:29
  7. It’s Two Things At Once! 03:39
  8. The Trust Is Gone 02:27
  9. Round And Round Again 03:30
  10. The Note-Taker 02:44
  11. Siberian Slumber 05:28
  12. Then The Apple Falls 03:17